General Preparation for Colonoscopy

Colonoscopy is a routine, relatively safe, and pain-free procedure used to examine the colon. There are steps that you, the patient, must take before the procedure to ensure the highest level of safety and effectiveness.

Step 1.

Make arrangements to have someone stay with you the entire duration of the procedure(s) and drive you home after the procedure. Colonoscopy involves sedation, and you will not be allowed to leave unaccompanied.

Step 2.

Follow your physician's instructions regarding medicines to avoid and diet to follow before your procedure. If you are on blood thinners clearly understand whether they can be stopped or if some other medicine needs to be substituted to make this procedure safe.

Step 3.

Finish the entire bowel preparation regimen as prescribed by your doctor during your office visit. You need to stay on clear liquids the entire day (previous day of your procedure) prior to the date of the procedure. Depending upon various circumstances like the urgency, availability, anesthesia and other factors the procedure might be several days or weeks from the time you were seen in the office. So please ensure that you mix the colonoscopy preparation ONLY on the day before your procedure.

The following CLEAR liquid diet is a component of all the endoscopic bowel preparation regimens:
 Soups:  Clear bouillon, clear broth, or consommè
 Beverages:  Tea, black coffee (decaf/regular), carbonated beverages (clear soft drinks), Kool-Aid (NO RED), Gatorade, water
 Juices:  White cranberry, white grape, apple (NO orange juice or tomato juice)
 Dessert:  Jell-O, iced popsicles, water ices (DO NOT USE RED FLAVORS)
 Miscellaneous:  Sugar, salt, hard candy (lifesavers. etc.)

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