Bariatric patients often have a high success rate for weight loss following surgery, but it’s not uncommon to eventually regain the lost pounds. Now there are options available that can help you lose the regained weight without undergoing another surgical procedure like revision – no matter how uncomfortable or risky they may be. With Endobariatrics’ advanced technology and quick non-surgical procedures, these same-day revisions of bariatric surgeries are all performed endoscopically, and without any incisions.

Sleeve Revisions

Sleeve gastrectomy is the most common type of surgery for weight loss. The surgeon staples the stomach to make it a long and narrow shape. But after some time, patients might find that they can eat more food and gain weight again.

With non-surgical endoscopic sleeve revision, we are able to make the stretched sleeve shorter and tighter. We do this with carefully placed sutures. This brings back your sense of fullness and a good change to lose any weight that has been regained.

Gastric Bypass Revisions

After gastric bypass, it is common to gain weight. This happens for many reasons, including the stomach pouch stretching out over time. This results in less restriction and more ability to eat larger portions.

A procedure called transoral outlet reduction (TORe) is a way to achieve long-term weight loss. This non-surgical procedure can restore the outlet and pouch to their original size, or even smaller. It is also safe, same-day and incisionless.